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Kaballero Test 400mg / full disclosure

We wanted to take a moment and fill you guys in on this product and the feedback and results we’ve had from our customers and the testing analysis coming back from the lab. This product most recently tested at 423mg/mL. We’re extremely happy with the test results and the feedback we’ve received from our product testers and our customers. That being said I want to offer full disclosure so everyone is aware of what goes into getting 400+ mg/ into a mL of oil. Back in the late 90’s and even early 2000’s you rarely saw a 400mg testosterone product. The reason for this were many, but the main reason was its extremely hard to get anything in that concentration to hold stable and not crash. If you notice, most Test esters are dosed at 200mg or 250mg/mL max as that amount can be suspended in oil fairly easily and consistently. In the early 200’s we started to see the old Mexican brand ‘Denkall T-400’ on the market. This was a revolutionary product at the time as nothing was dosed that high. If you ever used it you know it was a pain in the ass literally! It felt like getting kicked by a mule when you injected it. The reason for this was the high amount of solvents used to suspend that amount of hormone in the oil. I recall seeing test results on this product many years ago and it was actually dosed closer to 330mg/mL if I remember correctly? In the last 10 years you’ve seen more and more of these high dose products on the market as the chemistry  has improved and the demand for the higher dosed gear is greater now. This is great for most of us as we want to get as much bang for our buck! The Kaballero Test En. 400mg product we sell has been formulated through a lot of trial and error to actually hold 400+ mg’s and NOT cause this extreme pain. We have the test results to prove this product really does have 400mg of Test En. In the research we did we tested  dozens of other brands on the market and found that the majority of the ones claiming 400+ mg’s very few actually had that amount, most were closet to 300-330mg/mL. 

That being said I want to give full disclosure so everyone can be informed on the feedback we are getting. The majority of our product testers and customers have reported no or very minimal pain from this product. We have had roughly 10% of customers feedback telling us they had some pain associated with this product after injection. The pain was described as some minor swelling and a small knot for a few days after injection. Now this was only from 10% of the feedback, but I feel we should let everyone know this before hand so they are aware it is a possibility. It’s a very delicate balance to get over 400mg into each mL and have it not cause pain. The pain some are seeing from these higher dosed products generally comes from the increased solvents used in them to get the higher concentration of hormone to suspend. If you don’t use enough solvent the product will ‘crash’ and fall out of solution. If you have ever had injectables that look thicker then they should and seem to have some crystals in them, this is a sign your product has crashed. If you use too much solvent in the mix it will cause extreme pain. So you can see its a bit of a tight rope walk to get it to hold at a higher concentration and not cause the pain. Some of the pain associated with these higher concentration formulas is caused simply from having 400mg’s releasing from such a small area of volume and has nothing to do with the solvents used. 

If you do experience pain with this product please let us know and we can give a few pointers to help alleviate the PIP (post injection pain). If you feel the pain is too great then I would recommend buying another testosterone product that is dosed lower like the Kaballero Test cyp. 200mg, or the Kaballero Test Mix 325mg. Some guys are more susceptible to PIP from the higher dosed products, and others can take as much as they want and they have no issues at all. If your a novice and have not used a higher mg/mL product I would recommend only buying one vial to test and see how you handle it? As mentioned before, the majority of guys have no issues with this product and this article will be a moot point, but a small percentage have some PIP and it will cause some discomfort. If you do experecince any issues please let us know and we’ll do whatever we can to help you out.

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