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I made an order on the site, but have not received any communication from you since then. Is this normal?

Once you submit an order on the site, you should receive an auto email immediately stating the order and a note that we will be sending you a follow up email with payment information within 24 hrs. If you have not received this email then it is possible that our emails are being blocked by your SPAM filters. Please check your SPAM or junk folders for emails from [email protected] . If they are being blocked, you will need to add us to an allowed/safe senders list in your email application for future receipt.

If you still don’t see the email from us, then please send us a message and let us know what you ordered and when you ordered it? We can go in and resend the info from our end manually and make sure you receive it. You can email us at [email protected] or or [email protected] with your order number and an alternate email address that we can use in the future.

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