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GearDepot destroys $500,000 worth of gear!

If this title does not get your attention then I don’t know what will! All joking aside, we have in fact destroyed $500k worth of gear we had on the shelf. I will explain the reason for this and the situation we were faced with in full.

In late May we received testing results from some independent testing that had been done on some of our products. The results were not up to our standard, and we began to investigate. Through many days of digging we managed to identify the issue and isolate it. It boiled down to the last batch of gear we got on the Kaballero line of oils. We have been extremely happy with this brand for the 7 years that we have carried it, but noticed a slip in the quality in the first quarter of the year when we had some random samples tested (we test our products at random every 3-4 months) that came back slightly lower than normal. We addressed the issue with the supplier lab and were assured this was not widespread. Upon testing the next batch he sent us we realized the issue was still present so we began to cut ties with them and look for another compounding lab to help with the Kaballero line of oils. As this was taking place we now know the supplier sent us the remaining 2 batches (we had previously paid for), but had sent us some degraded product. We had a small amount of the product get shipped out to customers,  but we quickly isolated the issue, contacted customers, and began to replace that product. Needless to say this has been a tough pill to swallow as we pride ourselves on our product and the high level of quality we are known for.

Upon uprooting the problem and turning over the inventory to separate anything and everything that we had received from this supplier in the last few months we worked with him, we had set aside close to $500k worth of gear, and almost 1,500 vials in total. I honestly feel that 90% of the product is okay, and some testing proved this, but I have no way of being 100% certain of this and we can’t risk sending out anything that is not on point 100%. So, we decided to round up all of the product, destroy it and start from scratch. If you see the images here you will see the scale of this, as we had wheelbarrows full of product that got destroyed in the matter of seconds.

We are posting this to be 100% transparent and to let our customers know we have rooted out the problem and feel confident everything on our list is on point and of the highest quality. If you have questions about any of this process please do let me know. We’re happy to explain anything we can and be as transparent as possible.





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