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How to create a Bitcoin wallet?

The easiest way to create an account, or wallet. Here is the company we recommend as they are very easy to set up.

To create an act go to the address listed, then at the top left there is a green button that says ‘Create a free blockchain wallet’. Click that and go through the progressions to create the wallet. It should only take a few minutes. Once you are done, it should open to a page that will have your wallet address listed on it.

It should say: ‘This is your Bitcoin address’ with a long series of letters being it, looking something like this: œ1Gm4pN9FBtgtaftVJdVVyelBswaMztTZuiâ

You must remember all of this info, as if you lose it there is no way to get back in here. So save the PW and userID somewhere safe!

Next you will want to buy some bitcoins to put in your wallet. Now, there are many ways to buy or obtain bitcoins. There are many exchanges where people are offering to sell BTC. When they are selling the BTC ( bitcoins) they will sometimes charge a fee depending on how you pay for them. Most exchanges have some type of escrow system they use so you or the seller is not ripped off. On many exchanges you will find a seller of bitcoins and see what payment methods they accept. Most will take Paypal, some will take a bank deposit ( you will deposit $ in their bank acct), others will meet in person to exchange cash, and may other ways.

Here is a website with many different exchanges you can buy BTC on

I like to use Local bitcoins, but theres many on there that work well.

There is another service called ‘Wall of Coins’ that allows you to create an acct and deposit some cash into someones bank account and then have bitcoin transferred in to your bitcoin wallet. We have a blog post on this as well.

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How do i put freebies in my shopping cart?

When you have selected the dollar amount ($500, $700, or $850) the site will allow you to select the appropriate amount of freebies from the freebies section. You must reach this level first in the sites shopping cart before you can add them in there. Please note, the shipping fee is not included in this. You must reach the $500, $700 and $850 level in product cost before the site will allow you to add the appropriate freebies.

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Why do you carry so many different HGH kits and what is the best?

As many of you know, we have carried many different brands of HGH like riptropin kits, black tops, grey tops, nuptropins, angetropins, humatrope, etc etc..

Many people ask which HGH is best? There are so many HGH kits being sold right now its hard to know what is good and what is bad. I want to explain why we carry several different brands of the HGH, and the differences between some of them.

We have been ordering HGH for over 13 years now. The majority of the HGH on the grey market comes from china. We have a few products like Humatrope that don’t come from china, but for the most part all HGH is coming out of china now. HGH is made in large batches. many things can effect the potency of the HGH like

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Light exposure
  • Heat exposure
  • Temperature stability
  • Time the HGH is in liquid form

We are seeing a lot of HGH come out of china that has been widely different batch to batch. 9 years ago we got burned on a large shipment of HGH we had ordered. We placed a test order with he supplier, sent the stuff off for testing and it came back on point so we placed an order for 500 kits. Once we got them we had some more tested and realized we got screwed. Since this incident 9 years ago we have been testing each batch we receive to ensure its up to par. The reason we carry different types of HGH at different times of the year is simple, we test each batch, and only buy the batches that test high. By doing this we can assure the quality of the HGH is on par with our standards. So if you see a HGH product listed as ‘in stock’ on our list, you can rest assured its been tested and the potency is on point.

when we are looking to buy more HGH we contact several of our HGH suppliers and will have them send off kits for testing to an independent lab for analysis. If the tests come back on point we place the order and buy. Many times the tests will come back 2 weeks later and show unusually low values, when this happens we just pass on that batch and buy another suppliers HGH that has tested out high. By doing this we are able to sure the HGH we are selling is potent and dosed correctly.

I am proud of the HGH we have on the site right now. The manufacturers in China have come a long way with this over the past 10 years when we first saw HGH coming from China. Many of them now know they can’t pass off low dosed HGH to anyone as we are able to easily test it to confirm its legit. If you have any other questions or comments on this please don’t hesitate to let us know.