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Why do you carry so many different HGH kits and what is the best?

As many of you know, we have carried many different brands of HGH like riptropin kits, black tops, grey tops, nuptropins, angetropins, humatrope, etc etc..

Many people ask which HGH is best? There are so many HGH kits being sold right now its hard to know what is good and what is bad. I want to explain why we carry several different brands of the HGH, and the differences between some of them.

We have been ordering HGH for over 13 years now. The majority of the HGH on the grey market comes from china. We have a few products like Humatrope that don’t come from china, but for the most part all HGH is coming out of china now. HGH is made in large batches. many things can effect the potency of the HGH like

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Light exposure
  • Heat exposure
  • Temperature stability
  • Time the HGH is in liquid form

We are seeing a lot of HGH come out of china that has been widely different batch to batch. 9 years ago we got burned on a large shipment of HGH we had ordered. We placed a test order with he supplier, sent the stuff off for testing and it came back on point so we placed an order for 500 kits. Once we got them we had some more tested and realized we got screwed. Since this incident 9 years ago we have been testing each batch we receive to ensure its up to par. The reason we carry different types of HGH at different times of the year is simple, we test each batch, and only buy the batches that test high. By doing this we can assure the quality of the HGH is on par with our standards. So if you see a HGH product listed as ‘in stock’ on our list, you can rest assured its been tested and the potency is on point.

when we are looking to buy more HGH we contact several of our HGH suppliers and will have them send off kits for testing to an independent lab for analysis. If the tests come back on point we place the order and buy. Many times the tests will come back 2 weeks later and show unusually low values, when this happens we just pass on that batch and buy another suppliers HGH that has tested out high. By doing this we are able to sure the HGH we are selling is potent and dosed correctly.

I am proud of the HGH we have on the site right now. The manufacturers in China have come a long way with this over the past 10 years when we first saw HGH coming from China. Many of them now know they can’t pass off low dosed HGH to anyone as we are able to easily test it to confirm its legit. If you have any other questions or comments on this please don’t hesitate to let us know.



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How to mix the humatrope 72IU GH

Humatrope 72 iu HGH is made by Lilly. Its 100% real, sealed from their factory. It will come with a small cylindrical vial that has powder in it. On one side of this vial it will have a red rubber stopper. On this same side you will see a yellow band around the vial and some arrows or triangles pointing to this end. This is the end that you will stick the insulin syringe in to pull out your HGH once you have it mixed.

Now, the other devise in the package is a large pen that is holding 3.15mL of water. This pen is used to transfer the water from in the pen, to the inside of the small cylindrical vail. You will take the cap off the bottom of the pen, and there will be a ‘needle cover’ you will need to pull and remove as well. Once you remove this you will see a small needle that is tucked inside there. You will connect this end of the pen, to the side of the small cylindrical vail with the yellow band and arrows. You will slid the small cylindrical vail into the end of the pen and you will turn it about a half turn to the right and it will lock to secure itself. Now, you will push on the back-end of the pen’s plunger and this will push water from the pen, into the small cylindrical vail of HGH. Once you have all of the water in there, you can turn the pen a half turn to the left and it will come off and detach from the vial. Now, at this point the pen is not needed for anything else, you can throw it away. Next you will roll the small cylindrical vial of HGH and water until it’s all mixed, DON’T shake it in your hand, as this can damage the HGH in there. Its delicate and needs to be treated as such. Once its mixed and the solution looks clear its ready to be used. You will draw out of the side with he red rubber stopper and the yellow band around the vial. You can draw out of this just like you would any other HGH vial. Use an insulin syringe and simply fill the syringe to the desired amount.

Now, the constitution of the HGH and water will be a different ratio or HGH to water then your probably used to. You have just mixed 3.15mL water in 72 iu of HGH. This gives you a concentration of 0.24 iu of HGH, in every 1 iu of water.

Your insulin syringes are probably 100 iu (or 1cc, or 1mL)

Seeing as the ratio of HGH is 1iu of water to 0.24 iu of HGH. This is a guide for determining how much water to draw to get the desired amount of HGH.

1iu water = 0.24 iu HGH

2iu water= 0.48 iu HGH

3iu water= 0.72 iu HGH

4iu water =0.96 iu HGH ( basically 1iu of HGH)

5iu water= 1.2 iu HGH

6iu water= 1.44 iu HGH

7iu water= 1.68 iu HGH

8iu water= 1.92 iu HGH

9iu water = 2.16 iu HGH

10iu water =2.4 iu HGH

15iu water =3.6 iu HGH

20iu water = 4.8 iu HGH

To get the exact amount, you can simply take the amount of HGH you want to do, lets say its 4 iu of HGH. Just divide that # by 0.24. So if you want to use 4 iu of HGH, you would calculate 4 / 0.24 = 16.6 iu of water. That is the amount you would draw to = 4 iu of HGH.

Please keep in mind that this HGH is about 2x as potent as other brands. I don’t understand this? and I don’t have any reasoning on how this is so?, but may of the people who use this Humatrope HGh can take 50% of the dose they normally do and get the same if not more effect. Personally I use 7-8 iu of HGH each time I inject with the grey tops or black tops. When i use Humatrope I can only handle 3-4 iu. before my hands begin to really swell and ache.

When shipping this HGH we don’t use dry ice. The manufacturer recommends that you use dry ice when shopping it, but we have found very little if any degradation if we ship this within 3 months of when we receive it. We receive them brand new from the factory. I was skeptical of this claim that it could be shipped without dry ice so we did some internal testing. I had 5 kits sent from the manufacturer in Europe, to My shipper in the US using no ice. The shipper then sent it to a GearDepot Tester across the country with no ice, He then sent it to the testing facility back across the country with no ice. They reconstituted it and tested it there. We saw a 1.8% degradation in potency which is within the 3% that is considered acceptable.

After you receive this HGH, and you have reconstituted it (mixed the water with the HGH powder) you will want to keep it in the fridge after that. Please don’t put it in the door of the fridge as it will be shaken around every time you open the door. Once its been mixed it’s not nearly as stable and needs to be treated delicately.

I encourage you to try this brand and let us know your results. We feel fortunate we’re able to carry it and offer it to our customers.



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Gray tops vs Black tops – Which is better?

We get asked a lot what the main difference is between our HGH kits (Gray Tops and Black Tops). I will take a moment to explain this so it makes a little more sense. Both of these brands of HGH come from China. We buy them from the oldest and most reputable seller over there. Our source sells these 2 brands of HGH, and we will buy whatever one is testing higher at the time we purchase them. Sometimes the blacks will test higher and sometimes the grays will. At Times they are almost even, and in that case we will buy 50% of each. When HGH is produced there are slight variables in the manufacturing and production process that will render it more or less potent. When we buy, we will get a sample of 5 kits of each batch and send 6 of them to testers we use that will have IGF levels tested, then we will send a vial of each off to have a real analysis done in the lab. This is not cheap but its given us peace of mind over the years so we know what we are carrying is legit. Many years ago I was ripped over time and time again from sellers sending me cheap crap. As many of you know, everyone says their HGH is “99.9% pure” lol. I can tell you this, I have yet to test an HGH that is 99.9% pure. If you get anything above 95% you’re doing excellent. You can spot the guys selling you garbage if they tell you it’s 99.9% pure. They may show you a lab analysis of it, but that’s not hard to fake.

I get a lot of emails from customers asking me what one is better? It’s hard to answer that question as they are both great. Some guys swear by the Meditrope black tops, and some guys swear the Gray Top’s are the best. I can tell you with the utmost certainty that whatever brand we have stocked is what is the most potent at the time we purchased them. I have continued to buy these from my supplier because they are consistently testing about 94%.

We welcome anyone to get their blood work done while taking our products, especially the HGH. HGH is expensive and you want to make sure that what you’re buying is legit.

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I made an order on the site, but have not received any communication from you since then. Is this normal?

Once you submit an order on the site, you should receive an auto email immediately stating the order and a note that we will be sending you a follow up email with payment information within 24 hrs. If you have not received this email then it is possible that our emails are being blocked by your SPAM filters. Please check your SPAM or junk folders for emails from [email protected] . If they are being blocked, you will need to add us to an allowed/safe senders list in your email application for future receipt.

If you still don’t see the email from us, then please send us a message and let us know what you ordered and when you ordered it? We can go in and resend the info from our end manually and make sure you receive it. You can email us at [email protected] or or [email protected] with your order number and an alternate email address that we can use in the future.