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SuperBlueTop HGH testing off the chart!

The Super Blue Top HGH has been selling off the shelves faster then we can stock them, I know why now!? We received some blood work from our testing program showing 38.5 on the Growth Hormone test! For those that are not familiar with the blood tests on HGH, anything above 20 would be considered good, above 30 is great, and 38.5 is stellar! The current ‘Super Blue Tops HGH’ batch is what was tested in this report, so if you order within the next few weeks, you will have the same batch that is extremely potent. Please have a look over the test result, it was done with 10iu injection and blood levels were tested 3 hrs after injection, I would recommend testing in the 2 hrs post injection range as I feel the result could have been even higher. Regardless, these are some potent kits, buy them while we have the stock.

Check SuperBlueTop HGH 100iu kits here..

SuperBlueTop Test result PDF 


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GearDepot destroys $500,000 worth of gear!

If this title does not get your attention then I don’t know what will! All joking aside, we have in fact destroyed $500k worth of gear we had on the shelf. I will explain the reason for this and the situation we were faced with in full.

In late May we received testing results from some independent testing that had been done on some of our products. The results were not up to our standard, and we began to investigate. Through many days of digging we managed to identify the issue and isolate it. It boiled down to the last batch of gear we got on the Kaballero line of oils. We have been extremely happy with this brand for the 7 years that we have carried it, but noticed a slip in the quality in the first quarter of the year when we had some random samples tested (we test our products at random every 3-4 months) that came back slightly lower than normal. We addressed the issue with the supplier lab and were assured this was not widespread. Upon testing the next batch he sent us we realized the issue was still present so we began to cut ties with them and look for another compounding lab to help with the Kaballero line of oils. As this was taking place we now know the supplier sent us the remaining 2 batches (we had previously paid for), but had sent us some degraded product. We had a small amount of the product get shipped out to customers,  but we quickly isolated the issue, contacted customers, and began to replace that product. Needless to say this has been a tough pill to swallow as we pride ourselves on our product and the high level of quality we are known for.

Upon uprooting the problem and turning over the inventory to separate anything and everything that we had received from this supplier in the last few months we worked with him, we had set aside close to $500k worth of gear, and almost 1,500 vials in total. I honestly feel that 90% of the product is okay, and some testing proved this, but I have no way of being 100% certain of this and we can’t risk sending out anything that is not on point 100%. So, we decided to round up all of the product, destroy it and start from scratch. If you see the images here you will see the scale of this, as we had wheelbarrows full of product that got destroyed in the matter of seconds.

We are posting this to be 100% transparent and to let our customers know we have rooted out the problem and feel confident everything on our list is on point and of the highest quality. If you have questions about any of this process please do let me know. We’re happy to explain anything we can and be as transparent as possible.





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New GearDepot website “”

If you’re reading this then you found the new site! Upon registering, you will see that we have redesigned it from top to bottom and added in many new features, such as:
  • Individual PW protected user accounts: lets you save your shipping and payment preferences for faster checkout.
  • Multiple product images
  • User feedback on the products (You can now post feedback on the site and read feedback from others)
  • New Bitcoin terminal. (You can now order and pay using bitcoin in the same session)
  • Live chat is now enabled on the site.
These are just a few of the improvements, we’re adding more every week.
If you see anything that needs attention on the site please let us know, there may be some minor bugs we are still tweaking.
As always, we are here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions or need clarification on anything.
G, and all of team GearDepot
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How long will it take to receive my order?

Once your payment has been made and then picked up by the receiver, your order will be processed and dispatched within 24 hours. In most cases, you will receive your order within 3-5 days after we send it.

Please note: when you send your payment it can take us up to 2 days to get it collected. Sometimes slightly longer if we run into issues, but we try our hardest to ensure that these payments are collected quick, so we can dispatch the order.

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Are you getting the most out of your Testosterone injections?

Are you getting the most out of your Testosterone injections?

As of late, I have received many e-mails on this from customers trying to understand the best way to administer their Testosterone doses. I will review some basic principles of using both Testosterone Cypionate and Enanthate. This would be pretty much the same for Sustanon injections as well.

I am the first to admit that I don’t care for doing more frequent injections; actually, I hate it! I have been guilty of slacking on this from time to time and trying to do my injects 1x a week to save myself from feeling like a pin cushion. I know I need to be reminded of this often so I wanted to take a moment to explain how these esters work in the blood stream and why you may be experiencing less of the ‘desired effect’ and more of the ‘side effect’ when using these drugs. Testosterone Enanthate and Cypionate and to a certain degree Sustanon have a half life of 10-days or so, but you have to understand what that means exactly.

If you take a look at the image you can see the peak blood concentrations after injection. You can see that after one day you have a significantly elevated Testosterone level in the body, now this is exactly what we want! As you look at the next 2-3 days, the blood level is elevated as well, but after day 4-5 it begins to drop off quickly. I know many guys do injections 1x a week out of convenience, but this is stifling their gains and causing more side effects to occur. You get side effects when your Test levels are going low and high, back and forth every week, not to mention your missing out on half of the time you could have elevated Testosterone levels! Your body is in a constant stage  trying to figure out if it should try and restart its natural test in between getting the synthetic test you are injecting; furthermore, you have your estrogen levels that are being elevated from the injections, then your test levels are dropping off after 4 days but the estrogen is still elevated. This is not an ideal atmosphere for growth.

So, what is the ideal way to dose your Testosterone?

By looking at the image you can see that after day 4 it begins to drop off a lot. In order to maintain high blood concentrations you want to inject every 3-4 days. I have seen so many guys start doing this and come back to me with a huge smile and another 10lbs of muscle on their frame. Yes, it does mean splitting up your injections more often; however, it will help tremendously in keeping your blood levels elevated and your gains consistent.

Ideally, Testosterone Enanthate and Cypionate should be dosed like this. If you are using Test Propionate, you will want to inject every 2-3 days.

Other drugs like Deca and EQ have longer half lives and don’t need as frequent of injections. You can find research on these on the net, or email me and I will be happy to review some of this with you.

I hope this information is helpful. I am not an expert in this area, but I have a significant amount of personal experience and a ton of people we have worked with over the years.